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About Hai Yuan ge Library

The library of Hai Yuan Ge landed at the beautiful and  ancient city of Liaocheng , which was founded in 1954, is a municipal public library established on the basis of Hai Yuan Ge  which is a famous library in the Qing Dynasty.

The existing library building was built in 1994, the total construction area are nearly 3600 square meters. Since the establishment of 50 years, it focus on a comprehensive, public and local features. 

This library comprises about 300000 volumes,including nearly ten thousand volumes of ancient books ,20000 volumes one-volume edition of newspapers and magazines and More than 4000 volumes Local Literature.

It has established a relatively complete and unique collection system, and is free open to the public in 2011.It has an external lending department, a reading department, a reception service department, an information technology department and an office. At present, there are 25 employees, of whom 6 are senior titles, 15 are intermediate titles, and 90% are undergraduate or higher.

The library has made remarkable achievements in automation and network construction. ILASIII system has been introduced, including five subsystems of classification, cataloging, circulation, continuous publication and retrieval consultation, and the computer network management of books has been realized. The establishment of the electronic reading room, more than 100 sets of existing computer, provides a multimedia electronic reading, the Internet platform for readers, readers can then read all kinds of electronic books, search information online, the required information can be downloaded at any time.